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Which domain name registrar do you use most often?

40% (364 votes)
15% (132 votes)
7% (68 votes)
9% (81 votes)
7% (61 votes)
4% (34 votes)
4% (39 votes)
5% (45 votes)
2% (18 votes)
Other (specify in comments and we shall add it)
7% (67 votes)
Total votes: 909



Please add Tucows which I use most often...



Me too

2 thumbs up for moniker

Thanks! most helpfull!

Not surprising though...

Romania domains

Any recommendations where to buy .ro domains?

Europe Registry

http://www.europeregistry.com/ do .ro domain registrations.

domain whois info concealed

Anybody knows where I can register a domain with my owner info concealed? I mean, to have me as the legal owner of the domain and still not have my name and details listed in whois.

Private registration

Some of the domain registrars have this option of hiding domain registrant info, instead, they put their own info or a comment and keep internally the info of the genuine owner. This feature is called private registration. Godaddy for example has this service named "domain by proxy".

For example, run WHOIS on Gurusfeet.com (which is registered in GoDaddy with domain by proxy) and see the info listed.


i prefer godaddy.com for registering domain names because simply they r the best in business.

godaddy rocks.

prices at godaddy increased

i see that the prices of renewal of .com domain in godaddy are now 10$.

Is there any cheaper registrar?

Search for godaddy cupons

There are but I would still stick to godaddy for the service and reliability.

They often make special promotions and discounts that bring the prices to what they were.

Godaddy increased their prices recently

But there are still good coupons on the net for discounts (google "godaddy promo code")

domain registrar

I use eurodns.com!



They are the best...
And if your trying to get .ro i think they have it, if not, try loopia.com


We have a little over 100 domains registered with eWebsiteSolutions.com

Hosting deals

Before registering a domain check with the hosting service you are planning to use. Many of them offer as a promotion registering of one or more domains free of charge.

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